Bodywork for Men

Lingam Massage

A Lingam massage is a Tantric penis massage. It’s one of the most spiritually and sexually pleasurable activities a man can experience. Coordinating breath, sound, and movement with the gentle touch of a qualified and experienced tantric practitioner. This is an experience like no other. 

Healing Massage For Men

sexual shame

Removing Sexual Shame and Guilt

A professional lingam massage offers the following:

- Understand your own body and pleasure
- Deepen your sexual experience
- Powerful meditation and relaxation
- Ability to experience a full-body orgasm
- An enormous amount of pleasure!

Want to Become a Better Lover?

The modern man is often “expected” to play a certain role in the bedroom, and to simply just “get it”. Unfortunately, this creates a lot of pressure for men, while many experience a lot of guilt and shame around sex stemming from early experiences, and unrealistic expectations of society.

Scarlett has worked with countless men to relieve the guilt and shame around sex through Tantra .

Having worked with clients over several years, and qualified by the Australian School of Tantra, Scarlett offers a lingam massage service that will blow your mind.

Every man, regardless of experience or “ability”, has the potential to become a better lover! Scarlett’s bodywork can offer clients the following:

  • Tuning into your partner’s sexual needs
  • Opening up honest and powerful conversations in the bedroom
  • How to fully embrace “giving” and “receiving” pleasure
  • Getting out of your mind and into your body
  • Plenty more


If a more satisfying sex life and a more satisfied partner is something you would like to explore, get in touch to find out more and book your first session with Scarlett today!

2 hour Lingam Massage

  • Embrace your sexual nature
  • Gain confidence in the bedroom
  • Leave behind shame and guilt
  • Find an enriching sex life

Total Surrender to Tantric Pleasure

Similar to Yoni massage for women, which incorporates various massage techniques to release and heal sexual trauma, the Lingam massage is a powerful healing Tantric massage practice that involves massaging the entire body as well as penis (Lingam is the Sanskrit word for penis or “wand of light”).

This massage lingam therapy is very different to a normal erotic massage or happy ending. It involves not just massaging the lingam but also the testicles, perineum, the sacred spot and entire body, to make sure that you’re totally relaxed and ready to release. The idea is that you are allowed to receive, and surrender totally to pleasure.