Tantra Massage Reviews Sydney


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It was truly beautiful

"When I first met Scarlett she was so warm and professional. She explained what was going to happen and ensured I was comfortable to continue. This first session changed me. Scarlett showed me how to deeply and totally connect with another person. It was truly beautiful"

My whole body was shuddering

"Before Scarlett - Standard vanilla orgasm lasting 7 seconds. Session over in under 10 mins. After Scarlett - 35 mins of constant stimulation with 15 orgasms without ejaculation, two of which were so strong my whole body was shuddering, with a final ejaculation lasting in excess of 20 seconds with total loss of control."

In awe of what is truly possible

"In all my sessions I have never seen a practitioner give them self so completely to the learning. Scarlett has such a pure intent with an amazing ability to effortlessly ‘allow’ the teachings to unfold. Each experience left me in awe of what is truly possible."

I am a changed man

"After working with Scarlett for some time and practising her teachings I am a changed man. Not only do I have the feelings, skills and knowledge to be better lover, I also have the ability to see beauty in all the world around me. Scarlett, I can not put into words the gratitude I feel towards you. You truly are a Tantric Goddess."

There is no way this should be possible

"When working with Scarlett for any length of time you need to remember one phrase; “There is no way this should be possible.” Because you will be using it a lot!"