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Profound Healing Through Traditional Tantric Yoni & Lingam Massage Therapy

About Rachel

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Rachel has been a massage therapist for 12 years, teaching Tantra for 8 years in recognised schools around the country. 

She is a certified professional Tantric massage practitioner, sex therapist and bodyworker based in Sydney Australia.

She works with men, women and couples, offering a very deep and profound healing experience. 

Rachel’s specialty is working with men who have erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or performance anxiety.

Allow yourself to just bliss out and completely relax. 

Rachel also enjoys teaching couples how to give a tantra massage, and is passionate about helping her clients overcome sexual issues that are holding them back from becoming great lovers (and having mind-blowing sex).

Tantra Benefits for Men

Rachel uses her extensive training and experience to guide you with care, warmth and compassion.

Sexual Dysfunction (PE/ED)

Guilt or Shame Around Sex

Performance Anxiety

Want to Become a Better Lover

Tantra Benefits for Women

Rachel shares her knowledge and practical tools of Tantra to create deeper connection to self.

Difficulty Orgasming

Heal Sexual Trauma

Painful or Numb Sex

Improved Sex Life

Experience sacred sexuality and have stronger control over your life.


Discover If Tantra Is Right For You


What Does Rachel Offer?

Connect to your body and mind, experience profound pleasure and receive sensual touch in this sacred spot. Express the most powerful energy within you - your sexuality. Experience true relaxation and let go of any sexual shame and performance anxiety.

$ 400 / 2 hours

Yoni Massage

Release your conditioning and layers of protection. Reconnect to your heart, body, and transform the sexual energy that lies within you. This massage can open you up in a safe and supportive way to reclaim your sexuality, emotions and life.

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Tantra Training

A short coaching course for single or couples who want to learn the traditional art of tantric massage. Hold space for others and learn so much more about yourself.

Tantra massage will allow you to use your extremely powerful sexual energy to heal and grow. You will achieve deep states of pleasure and harmony. 

Tantra offers longer lasting benefits than a regular massage because it move physical, mental and emotional energy, that might be stuck in the body and causing emotional blockages.

Because there are so many energetic problems that people are facing today, this approach to massage has become a must for spiritual, emotional and sexual growth.

The aim of Tantric Bodywork is to take pleasure to a new and spiritual level and to release divine energy.

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